Optimizing Patient Flow

Today, there’s increased demand for streamlining and optimizing patient flow to help reduce overcrowding, prevent poor hand offs, and avoid delays. All of these factors contribute to the overall patient experience, and ultimately, impact your bottom line. The Expeditor Patient Flow System is a complete Door-to-Door Patient Flow solution.

First, we’ll install our proven patient flow light signaling system that can immediately help your practice improve the patient experience by eliminating unnecessary wait times – while increasing staff productivity and achieving maximum levels of efficiency.

Next, we install Expeditor’s Xtrac tool that can track the patient throughout their visit. From Check-In to Check-Out, Xtrac tracks how long the patient is waiting in the Reception Area and Exam Room, as well as the length of time they are spending with the Doctor and Ancillary staff.


xtrac bottom


By delivering easy-to-understand performance graphics through a client-centric metrics dashboard, Expeditor’s Xtrac aligns and empowers every level of your practice to achieve organizational goals. The mark of a high-performing practice is that everyone — from the boardroom to front-line understands your practice’s priorities and their role in reaching performance goals.

Our easy to navigate metrics dashboard will allow you to see complete Door-to-Door times for each facility. You’ll also have the ability to review the details of each Doctor’s and Ancillary Staff’s performance, as well as how your practice compares to similar facilities locally, regionally and nationally.

Once Xtrac has been installed and we’ve collected a month’s worth of data, an Expeditor Strategic Advisor will setup a time to discuss details of how to review your data in the dashboard. Then, Expeditor will analyze and identify the Patient Flow bottlenecks and explain how to use the data to improve Patient Flow.


  • 24/7 access to a client-centric online Metrics Dashboard
  • Monthly Analysis & Quarterly Consulting
  • Expeditor can capture, analyze and consult on any or all stages of the patient flow lifecycle


Invest 2 minutes to eliminate 30-40 minutes of wasted
time per physician per day that translates to
2-3 more patients seen per day per physician.
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