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    Expeditor provides a solution that enhances patient flow efficiency which adds to the value of your medical facility design

Lean Patient Flow Solutions

It's no secret that all medical practices and institutions must focus on improving the overall patient experience and satisfaction. These issues are fundamental to maintaining the practice's financial security.

One short and simple path to achieving that goal is streamlining and optimizing patient flow.

The Expeditor Lean Patient Flow System combines sophisticated, automated, browser-based communication and visual cues, a fundamental Lean management tool. The system tracks all patients - from Check-in to Check-out - from when they arrive to when they leave the practice.

In addition, a light signaling system informs Providers and staff - via an instantaneous glance with accurate, up-to-date information about which rooms are occupied, where patients and staff members are located and which patient needs to be seen next.

Expeditor applies Lean management principles to increase efficiency in patient flow which results in better quality of care and higher patient satisfaction.

Automated analysis and reporting combined with informed consulting leads to better results on your practice's key performance indicators.

Our comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment evaluates clinical and operational aspects to assist organizational leaders in understanding what barriers stand in the way of achieving ultimate efficiency that leads to a healthier bottom line. By understanding your objectives and goals, processes, operations and people affecting your organization, and providing leaders with Lean recommendations - improvement and success is inevitable.

Simply put, we'll help your organization determine what alternative goals may be necessary to become a world-class organization in terms of quality, satisfaction and efficiency.

Consultation, Design, Manufacturing & Installation

It starts with our core product, a state-of-the-art, fully customizable Light Signaling System that equips your practice with easy-to-use light panels positioned throughout the clinic.

The visual cues provided by the lights give you a simple way to manage room sequencing and see which patient needs to be seen next, improve communication, decrease wait times and run at peak efficiency.

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Training & Service

Expeditor is the obvious choice for practices that are looking for innovative solutions to maximize efficiency throughout their practice. We have proven to be the top innovator in our field. Many of our clients come to us through referrals from existing clients, and these same clients have remained loyal to Expeditor for decades.

Our experienced team of Consultants will conduct extensive training initially and then our Service will respond to your every need after the training has been conducted.

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Consultation & Patient Flow Analytics

Xtrac captures your door to door patient flow data from your Light Signaling System and Real-Time Monitor, then we deliver easy to understand performance graphics through a client-centric online Dashboard with the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Your Lean Clinical Consultant then works closely with you to analyze patient flow data gathered to remove all forms of waste from your process.

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Expeditor isn’t just a concept; it’s a fully customized, door-to-door solution designed to help practices of all sizes increase patient satisfaction and their bottom-line through gained efficiency.

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