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Xtrac captures your door to door patient flow data that comes from your Light System, then we deliver easy to understand client-centric performance SCORECARDS with each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) represented. Your Lean Clinical Consultant then works closely with you to analyze your patient flow data gathered to remove all forms of waste and bottlenecks from your process.

Key Performance Indicators


Waiting Room Wait Time

The time a patient spends waiting after check in is the most significant predictor of overall patient satisfaction of their visit. The impact of the wait time prior to being in an exam room has the potential to positively or negatively impact the rest of the patients’ visit. This KPI is measured from the point the patient is arrived in the system at check in until the patient is placed in an exam room.


Patient Wait Time in Exam Room

The patient is brought back to the clinical area from the waiting room and placed in an exam room for vitals to be taken. When the nurse or MA has completed the triage process, he/she exits the room. This Patient Wait Time KPI is captured from the moment the MA exits and turns off the light and then presses the assigned provider light, until the Dr enters the exam room. Once the provider enters the room, the Wait Time for that patient ends and the data is captured.


Doctor Time Between Patients

Capturing the time a provider spends between patients can give insight into the overall flow of that provider and the office. This time can reveal if the provider is charting inside or outside of the exam room, if they are scheduling patients too closely together or if there is too much downtime between scheduled patients.


Doctor/Patient Encounter Time

Knowing how long or how little a provider spends with a patient is critical to the patient’s satisfaction and their quality of care. Once the provider enters the exam room and presses the Expeditor provider light, the time with each patient is captured. The knowledge of Provider/Patient encounter time allows insight into how much time is being spent with each patient. With the goal of Value Based Medicine, this data becomes an essential part of the patient experience and finding ways to improve it.


Door-to-Door Visit Time

Lead time is the amount of time that elapses between when a patient enters the clinic and is arrived by the receptionist, until the patient has been discharged and their visit has been completed. It is a complete view of the time from Check-In to Check-out.


Compliance %

Compliance percentage is measured directly from the Expeditor light system and is based on whether the lights are being used correctly as designed. This is an important measurement to determine how consistent the data is that we are receiving. With higher compliance of the lights, comes better data.


Patient Satisfaction Survey

Being able to assess the patients’ view of the overall visit before they leave the office is a valuable tool. This does not replace the CGCAHPS survey sent to patients within 30 days of a visit. It does, however, give insight into any issues that could be addressed quickly to recover the quality of service that the patient experienced. It also allows management to see the positive impact that is made on the patients from day to day. With this, combined with the patient data per visit, much can be improved upon or validated in the clinic.

Develop a Plan

And Understand Your Goals

We'll help you understand all the insights provided by Xtrac, develop a plan to improve overall patient flow efficiency and implement any changes necessary through Predictive Analytics to deliver the most comprehensive solution on the market today.

The mark of a high-performing practice is that everyone from the boardroom to the front-line understands your practice's patient flow efficiency goals and their role in reaching those goals.

The Expeditor Difference

The Expeditor Difference

Xtrac's patient flow data and your Lean Consultant will typically recover 30-60 minutes of wasted time per provider, per day.

That translates to 2-3 more patients seen per day, 6-12% more time with each patient… or some combination of the two.

That’s The Expeditor Difference.

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