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It's no secret. All medical practices and institutions must focus on improving the overall patient experience and satisfaction. These issues are fundamental to maintaining the practice’s financial security.

One short and simple path to achieving that goal is
streamlining and optimizing patient flow.

The Expeditor LEAN Patient Flow System combines sophisticated, automated, browser-based communication and visual cues, a fundamental lean management tool. The system tracks all patients - from check-in to check-out - from when they arrive to when they leave the practice.

In addition, a light signaling system informs providers and staff - via an instantaneous glance - with accurate, up-to-date information about which rooms are occupied, where patients and staff members are located and which patient needs to be seen next.

Automated analysis and reporting, combined with informed consulting leads to better results on your practice's key performance indicators.

Invest 4 minutes to eliminate 30-40 minutes of wasted
time per physician per day that translates to
2-3 more patients seen per day per physician.

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