How Does Your Office Flow?

Jan 29, 2021

All of us that have worked in a clinical setting know the challenges of opening up a clinic on Monday morning! It begins at a rapid pace and doesn't begin to slow until Tuesday morning it seems. From squeezing in add-on patients to answering phones, the challenges seem unrelenting. What if we took the time to...

Patient Flow Concerns during Flu Season

Oct 28, 2019

With flu season rapidly approaching, medical centers are beginning to plan for a potentially rough year. The impact an increase in patients can have to patient flow is significant, and when you also have a shortage of staff, the impact can be even greater.

Improving Patient Flow

Sep 30, 2019

Every healthcare provider wishes most to maximize the time they spend with their patient, without getting behind. The best way for this to occur is to improve patient flow - from check-in to check-out. When this occurs, patients are satisfied and revenue is increased. In an article in Medical Economics,...

New Technology

Sep 04, 2019

In a recent article, the results of a MGMA surveyed more than 650 healthcare leaders to get a sense for how clinics are helping to improve the patient experience with the implementation of new technology. With the rising cost of healthcare, specifically in the area of administrative costs, the implementation...

Patient Flow - Inside Healthcare article

Aug 12, 2019

Improving the patient experience is one of the biggest focal points in healthcare today. Time is a person’s most valuable commodity and the dreaded wait time at a physician’s office can significantly impact customer service. Happy patients translate into increased loyalty and thereby protect an institution’s...

The EMR Crisis

Jul 29, 2019

What started with good intentions for digitizing medical records has presented greater challenges than anyone would've imagined. Electronic medical record systems have the great potential to ease the cost of health care as immediate accessibility of medical records and their transfer from one health center to...

10 Tips to Improve Customer Service in Healthcare

Nov 27, 2018

Every industry faces the challenge of providing exceptional customer service. This is especially challenging in healthcare. In every business, the customer comes first, but in healthcare, it must be balanced with what we know is best for the patient, with the acknowledgement the patient is not necessarily wanting...

Achieving Excellence through Continuous Improvement

Oct 15, 2018

Healthcare is at a point of a complete transformation. Providing practices with the tools to succeed and excel is what MGMA focuses on and provides to its members. In a recent MGMA report, results from the DataDive Better Performers and Analysis Report shows how medical practices can achieve increased...

Practice Transformation to Improve Patient Experience

Sep 13, 2018

Practice Transformation is on the minds of everyone in healthcare these days. As this article states clinical quality and patient experience are 2 of the factors needed to complete the transformation of any healthcare organization. According to a recent report from Press Ganey, healthcare is in great need of...

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