How to Improve Waiting Room Wait Times

Sep 06, 2021

Reducing wait times for patients is the ultimate goal of any practice administrator. Long wait times negatively impact patient satisfaction scores. Although, according to an MGMA survey discussed in a recent article, wait times improved by 5 minutes in 2016. By limiting the time a patient waits to be seen by...

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Aug 16, 2021

Healthcare is in great need of transformation in many areas, most significantly in the area of IT. Technology has been implemented in the form of EHRs but institutions are continually feeling the negative impacts of EHR upgrades. The improvements are seen in medical records and billing, but EHRs have not improved...

Point In Time Measurement vs Constant Measurement

Jul 06, 2021

Cutting costs and improving patient satisfaction don't usually go hand in hand. Generally, cutting costs means cutting corners, or removing luxuries. However, when you are talking about improving your patient flow, you are benefiting not only your budget, your...

Wait Times, Patient Satisfaction Scores, and the Perception of Care

Jun 21, 2021

Time spent in a care provider's office can be divided into a number of distinct segments. First, the patient spends time in a "waiting room." Second, they are placed in a queue to be brought back to the "exam room," where, after some initial screening, the patient awaits the arrival of the primary healthcare...

Lean Strategies in Healthcare

Jun 15, 2021

Physician burnout is currently a challenge in the healthcare industry. Doctors work long hours staring at a computer screen, wishing they could spend more time with their patients. At this point, nearly 50% of doctors have reported feeling this way. Working in a "burnt...

How Does Your Office Flow?

Jan 29, 2021

All of us that have worked in a clinical setting know the challenges of opening up a clinic on Monday morning! It begins at a rapid pace and doesn't begin to slow until Tuesday morning it seems. From squeezing in add-on patients to answering phones, the challenges seem unrelenting. What if we took the time to...

Patient Flow Concerns during Flu Season

Oct 28, 2019

With flu season rapidly approaching, medical centers are beginning to plan for a potentially rough year. The impact an increase in patients can have to patient flow is significant, and when you also have a shortage of staff, the impact can be even greater.

Improving Patient Flow

Sep 30, 2019

Every healthcare provider wishes most to maximize the time they spend with their patient, without getting behind. The best way for this to occur is to improve patient flow - from check-in to check-out. When this occurs, patients are satisfied and revenue is increased. In an article in Medical Economics,...

New Technology

Sep 04, 2019

In a recent article, the results of a MGMA surveyed more than 650 healthcare leaders to get a sense for how clinics are helping to improve the patient experience with the implementation of new technology. With the rising cost of healthcare, specifically in the area of administrative costs, the implementation...

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