• Clinical Consulting Services For Medical Practices

    Expeditor delivers bespoke clinical consulting in conjunction with our patient flow and nurse call systems—to help you improve operations and increase patient satisfaction.

How Clinical Consulting Can Help Your Medical Facility

When it comes to patient flow and satisfaction, technology and software solutions are only part of the equation. You need expert consulting from an experienced team to make the most of these tools. Expeditor's team of lean clinical consultants works closely with your team to analyze patient flow data to identify and troubleshoot issues, make plans for continuous improvement, and support you through the execution of these strategies.

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Our Clinical Consulting Services Process

We work hand-in-hand with medical practices of all kinds to provide comprehensive patient flow solutions and systems along with expert consultation. 

System Design

First, we meet with your team to discuss your specific clinical goals. We then design custom patient flow or nurse call systems to improve operations.  

KPI & Data Monitoring & Collection

Our systems collect patient flow data to measure a wide range of KPIs—providing both real-time and collective snapshots of your facility’s patient flow performance. 

Process Efficiency Improvements

Our consultants schedule regular meetings to help you understand the insights gleaned from our systems. Together, we'll develop a plan for continuous improvement. 

Strong Guidance for Real Results

On average, our clients see near-immediate improvements with our combination of patient flow systems and clinical consulting. In fact, our solution usually pays for itself within 3 months of implementation.
Minutes Saved Per Day<br>


Minutes Saved Per Day

More Patients Seen Each Day<br>


More Patients Seen Each Day

More Time Spent With Each Patient<br>


More Time Spent With Each Patient

Lean Patient Flow System & Clinical Consulting

Expeditor combines a light signaling system, real-time patient flow monitoring and lean clinical consulting—all for the most comprehensive patient flow solution on the market today.

  • First, customize a light signaling system for your facility, which will provide real-time visual direction and easier room sequencing.
  • Real-time patient data appears on a central monitor, which allows your team to make immediate adjustments for streamlined operations.
  • The system collects and stores your patient flow data for analysis by our experts, who meet with you regularly to discuss bottlenecks and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Xtrac Performance Monitoring & Clinical Consulting

Xtrac is the component of our patient flow system that enables data collection and performance monitoring.

  • Xtrac captures your door-to-door patient flow data from your light system.
  • Our clinical consultants then deliver KPI scorecards and work closely with you to identify bottlenecks and recommend helpful solutions.
  • The process continues regularly for ongoing improvement.

Nurse Call System & Clinical Consulting

Expeditor also provides clinical consultation for custom nurse call system design and installation for outpatient infusion facilities and ambulatory centers. We'll work with your team to assess your needs and design a system that meets all CMS requirements—and your goals for improving care.

Learn More About Our Clinical Consulting Services

We’ve worked with thousands of medical practices across the country to help streamline operations, improve patient flow, and enhance patient satisfaction. Learn how we can help your facility.

Clinical Consultation FAQs

What are the benefits of clinical consulting for medical practices?

In the case of Expeditor, clinical consulting services mainly revolve around issues with patient flow—a huge element of a successful practice. With the arrival of Value-Based Care, practices have had to step up many elements of patient care, including the experience of waiting, time with doctors, and other elements related to the way patients "flow" through a facility. Patient flow and nurse call systems can go a long way in helping medical practices improve the patient experience, but clinical consulting is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Some patient flow or nurse call system providers offer standalone tools but little in the way of support. At Expeditor, all of our hardware and software solutions come with ongoing guidance and consulting to make a deeper impact.

We help medical practices collect and analyze the patient flow data these systems collect. Then we meet regularly to discuss the findings, plus ideas for continuous improvement. This gives practices a much better handle on patient flow to improve wait times, boost patient experience, and even give doctors and nurses time back to spend with patients. This all adds up to real impact on a healthcare organization's bottom line costs and revenue.

Our patient flow is fine. Why do I need clinical consulting for my medical practice?

At Expeditor, we've worked with more than 8,000 healthcare facilities across the country. Most think they are relatively efficient. But the patient flow data doesn't lie. Oftentimes, our patient flow solutions, combined with clinical consulting services, uncover hidden bottlenecks and issues that you might not even realize are negatively affecting patient experience (and your bottom line). It is crucial to get a thorough consultation and work with experienced partners who can always find ways to improve.

What data and KPIs are reviewed during clinical consulting with my medical practice?

Our patient flow solutions and consulting focus on key KPIs that can affect patient satisfaction and the overall success of your practice. This includes:

  • Waiting Room Wait Time

  • Patient Wait Time in Exam Room

  • Doctor Time Between Patients

  • Doctor/Patient Encounter Time

  • Door-to-Door Visit Time

  • Compliance %

  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys

The flag system did not accomplish what we needed it to. We have several physicians working at once that need to be shown the next patient throughout the day. Expeditor does that without following each doctor around. If the Dr. used the flags we did not notice them and he would have to tell us that he “flipped the flag” for us to get the patient.

- Nancy Hammond, COA, LDO
Director of Facilities and Purchasing
Eye Physicians and Surgeons, PC

I recently opened a surgery center in Sacramento, California. We have installed an Expeditor Nurse Call System for our office based operating room… we are very pleased with its utility and performance…During construction of this project, I have been afforded few opportunities to commend contractors, but in your instance, everything from start to finish has been exceptional…

- David Kaufman, MD
Kaufman Plastic Surgery

From my staff’s point of view, this system makes it easier to do their jobs. The central panel at the nurse station lets them know which room the doctor is in and the sequencing feature lets the provider know which room the provider should go in to next.

- Gary L Winfield M.D.
Sandcastle Family Practice

Our staff loves the Expeditor system as it allows us to operate much more efficiently and enhances the patient’s perception of the quality of care we deliver. I can’t imagine operating without our Expeditor system. I would be happy to recommend the Expeditor system to other practices that are interested in operating at peak efficiency.

- Mitchell P. Goldman, M.D.
Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Associates of La Jolla, Inc.

My EHR vendor was adamant about me not needing a light signaling system because their software offerings had a patient flow “component” built into their software. Still, I felt their arguments were less than convincing. I’m glad I relied upon my good instincts as I felt an Expeditor system offered great utility, ease of use and many attractive advantages over a software solution.

- Craig H. Weinstein, M.D., MPH
Arthroscopic Surgery & Sports Medicine

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