• Nurse Call Systems for Outpatient Infusion Centers

    Our fully customized nurse call/life safety emergency call systems can help improve patient care and outcomes—and ensure your outpatient infusion center is in compliance with any local and national requirements.

Improved Care, Better Outcomes

As infusion therapies proliferate for a variety of medical needs, patient-nurse communication is a vital element of care. Not only do nurse call systems (sometimes known as life safety systems or emergency call systems) help improve outcomes and satisfaction, they are often required depending on the nature of your facility. Expeditor delivers customizable nurse call systems and will ensure your facility meets all CMS requirements for outpatient infusion facilities—and your goals for improving care.

Our Nurse Call System Process

We’ll work with your team to determine the ideal nurse call system design for your outpatient infusion center.

Nurse Call System Consultation

What are your needs and goals? We’ll discuss them to ensure full understanding before proposing a design. Plus, our experts know the requirements to stay compliant. 

Nurse Call System Design

The next step is to deliver a Riser Diagram that shows how the system works together—panels, buttons, and other elements in conjunction with the CPU. 

Nurse Call System Installation

We manufacture, install, and service all of our nurse call systems. We’ll even provide on-site training. All for confidence and peace of mind. 

Learn More About Nurse Call Systems for Your Outpatient Infusion Center

We have decades of experience—and over 1,000 installations—with nurse call systems in a variety of facilities. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Nurse Call System FAQs

What is a nurse call system?

At the most basic definition, nurse call systems (sometimes known as life safety systems or emergency call systems) are systems within an ASC (or other healthcare environment) that enable fast communication and alerts for nurses and other healthcare professionals. Some elements of nurse call systems allow patients to call/alert or communicate with nurses for assistance, while others are designed to allow nurses to sound an alert in emergencies or when extra help is required. In outpatient infusion centers, nurse call systems not only ensure compliance, but can also enhance patient safety, improve response times, and contribute to overall quality of care—thereby promoting better patient outcomes and higher satisfaction.

Do I need a nurse call system in my outpatient infusion center?

Requirements for nurse call systems within outpatient infusion centers vary, sometimes at a state and even local level. But beyond requirements, patients' safety, comfort, and sense of control are central in an outpatient infusion center. In fact, elevating the patient experience is not only the right thing to do but also a smart business decision. Nurse call systems can be part of the equation here. Allowing a patient to signal or communicate with a nurse can go a long way in ensuring comfort, a feeling of control, and an overall better experience.

When it comes to compliance, understanding the exact requirements can be tricky. That's why it's best to work with an expert partner who can help you navigate easily misunderstood and overlooked aspects of operational compliance and documentation.

What are the essential features of nurse call systems in outpatient infusion centers?

Nurse call systems in outpatient infusion centers should include the following features:

  • Call Buttons allow patients to request assistance or alert healthcare staff to their needs; these buttons must be within easy reach of the patient—typically in the area where they are receiving the infusion. When a patient presses the call button, the system generates an alert—either visual (lights on a console), audible (alarms) or via wearable devices on healthcare staff.
  • A nurse station panel or monitoring station is the element of the system where healthcare staff can see and manage patient calls.
  • Intercom capabilities are sometimes included to allow patients to speak with nurses more easily before receiving attention.
  • Code buttons may be present depending on the nature of the outpatient infusion facility—to be used by nurses in the event of an emergency.
  • CPU or central processing units are the "brains" of a nurse call system—the computer to which all alert and communication systems are connected.

The flag system did not accomplish what we needed it to. We have several physicians working at once that need to be shown the next patient throughout the day. Expeditor does that without following each doctor around. If the Dr. used the flags we did not notice them and he would have to tell us that he “flipped the flag” for us to get the patient.

- Nancy Hammond, COA, LDO
Director of Facilities and Purchasing
Eye Physicians and Surgeons, PC

My EHR vendor was adamant about me not needing a light signaling system because their software offerings had a patient flow “component” built into their software. Still, I felt their arguments were less than convincing. I’m glad I relied upon my good instincts as I felt an Expeditor system offered great utility, ease of use and many attractive advantages over a software solution.

- Craig H. Weinstein, M.D., MPH
Arthroscopic Surgery & Sports Medicine

I recently opened a surgery center in Sacramento, California. We have installed an Expeditor Nurse Call System for our office based operating room… we are very pleased with its utility and performance…During construction of this project, I have been afforded few opportunities to commend contractors, but in your instance, everything from start to finish has been exceptional…

- David Kaufman, MD
Kaufman Plastic Surgery

From my staff’s point of view, this system makes it easier to do their jobs. The central panel at the nurse station lets them know which room the doctor is in and the sequencing feature lets the provider know which room the provider should go in to next.

- Gary L Winfield M.D.
Sandcastle Family Practice

Our staff loves the Expeditor system as it allows us to operate much more efficiently and enhances the patient’s perception of the quality of care we deliver. I can’t imagine operating without our Expeditor system. I would be happy to recommend the Expeditor system to other practices that are interested in operating at peak efficiency.

- Mitchell P. Goldman, M.D.
Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Associates of La Jolla, Inc.

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