The American Academy of Audiology, founded in 1988 states that they are “the world's largest professional organization of, by, and for audiologists.” With a membership program of over 11,000 what better organization to publish a decibel chart titled, “Levels of Noise.”


It classifies specific common events and provides their average decibel levels.

One common occurrence under the “Loud” classification is an alarm clock listed at 80 dB. This creates the question what is the appropriate dB level to gain our attention?

We have become so programmed to listen for the microwave tone, oven timer, dishwasher, etc. that this decibel level alerts us in some way. If you hear a tone similar to this your head begins to run through the options. Do I have food in the oven? Are the dishes done? We are programmed to respond to this frequency.

This observation is nothing new.

Dr. Carl Stumpf, a German psychologist, published Tonpsychologie (Tone Psychology) in 1883. At the time, it was accepted that tones were a physiological phenomenon confined mainly to the anatomy of the human ear. Stumpf concluded that previously understood conditions were incorrect. Reoccurring tones are understood through subject judgment, they are purely psychological.

This hypothesis is also found in the classical conditioning theory of Pavlov’s dog. We hear these similar tones and in turn, we must react to them.

Manufacturers have taken this account when producing their goods.

They want their tones to be recognizable and produce a response.

Expeditor Systems is no different. We want our tones to be heard and recognizable throughout your practice.

If immediate assistance is needed in Exam room 8 for example, and this room is at the end of the hallway, our tones will alarm the entire staff the moment our system is triggered.

Monitor panels displayed in the hallway, Nurse Stations, and on desktop stations will show everyone where the call was activated.

Our tones are 85 dB at 12 volts, extremely close to your common alarm clock. It is not intended to be a relaxing tone, it is meant to trigger a sudden reaction that assistance is needed, and needed immediately.

Expeditor Systems is your immediate answer.

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