It’s no secret that doctors have been spending less and less time with their patients due to Electronic Health Record (EHR) mandates. Face-to-face exam time has been replaced with endless box-checking on a desktop, and patients are noticing.

One study found that doctors spend 43% of their time entering data, while only 28% is spent with actual patients. Another study found that some doctors spend 48 minutes a day simply entering data.

In a world where more and more time is being devoted to box-checking, how can you combat this and spend more time face-to-face with your patients? Streamline your patient flow. By focusing on removing roadblocks, reducing wait times, and eliminating unnecessary steps in your process, you can see more patients for a longer amount of time, even with the grueling task of the EHR.

This article does more to explain the increasingly frustrating conditions under which doctors are expected to work, and the danger it poses.