Looking out across the ever-changing healthcare space, one thing seems to be consistently changing in healthcare…the time and manner of care a patient receives from their provider has undergone a huge facelift in the last few years after increasingly noticeable gaps in care. With Doctors becoming more overwhelmed in the workplace, it can become easy for gaps in care to emerge.

Medical group leaders are moving ahead to put in place a number of facelifts to close noticeable gaps in care but one in particular referred to as the “blessed cycle” of clinical transformation and performance improvement.

This means that the cycle of data collection, data analysis, data reporting, and data sharing with clinicians and staff leads to data-facilitated performance improvement around care delivery processes. 

This article has a more in-depth explanation of how proper execution of the “blessed cycle” can have a huge effect on covering patient care gaps. Knowing what is and is not working in your practice is the best way to understand your gaps, therefore making it easier to fill them. Not only does this ensure your patients receive better quality of care but it also helps improve your bottom line. Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure so make sure that you find a vendor/partner that can help execute and analyze your “blessed cycle.”