Healthcare workforce shortages have increased dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic as health systems and medical clinics across the country battle to attract and retain talent, including primary and specialty physicians, nurses and administrative staff.

By 2030, the shortage of physicians in the U.S. is expected to reach 121,300, with the orthopedic sector anticipating a physician deficit of 5,050. "If you just look at joint replacement in general, as baby boomers are getting older and needing more joint replacements, there's going to be a shortage of joint replacement surgeons," Richard Berger, MD, of Chicago-based Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. The bottom line is orthopedic surgeons will be pushed to become even more efficient in the clinic and operating room, "but not doing the surgery faster," Dr. Berger said. Inevitably, orthopedic surgeons will look for ways to make their surgeries more efficient, which will place increased emphasis on the MedTech industry to create more minimally invasive technologies that result in fewer complications, less surgical time and faster recoveries. Robotics, augmented reality systems and other advanced imaging and navigation platforms are at the top of many surgeons' wish lists. Learn more by reading this article.

But one of the most important steps that Orthopedic clinics must focus on when the patient must visit your clinic, is creating the most inviting Patient Experience through increase patient flow efficiency. It goes without saying that focusing on better clinic design, updated technology, faster surgical times and faster patient recoveries are givens, but Orthopedic clinics must focus on increased patient flow efficiency with potentially less staff. Patient flow efficiency to improve the patient experience hasn't always been top of mind, but today it is an absolute must if you want to retain your patients.

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