As we shift towards Value-Based Care in 2017, many practices are overwhelmed by the technology options being presented to them to improve patient flow efficiency, overall patient experience and outcomes. There are 3 new categories of tools that will be helpful options:  Care Management Platforms, Telemedicine, and Analytics, as highlighted in this article.

The care management platforms allow for integration of patient portals, etc in order to centralize information. The patient’s data is in one location, so that care can be coordinated across all specialties, and improve the overall efficiency of care.

The newest of tools is that of Telemedicine. Technology allows us to reach patients in many ways, improving the overall health of the patient. It even allows for collaboration between providers regarding a patient.

Improving patient flow efficiency, the patient experience and healthcare outcomes is problematic without data. Data illustrates where improvements in a practice need to be made.

Value-Based healthcare is where we are headed. We now need to utilize the available data analytics tools to connect all aspects of healthcare, and thereby improve patient flow efficiency, experience and outcomes.