Patient satisfaction is the lifeblood of the healthcare business. Patients now, more than ever, have a choice in their healthcare provider.

This article outlines five ways to improve your patient satisfaction:


  • Expedite check-in process
  • Get organized
  • Collect and listen to feedback
  • Improve access to your practice
  • Be courteous

These five simple steps can put your practice miles ahead of the rest in the eyes of your patients. Now, achieving each of these points is not an easy task, unless you have a system where you can measure a patient’s door to door time, speed up check-in, and provide a quick survey for each patient so you get a constant, day to day reading of the patient flow of your practice.

With a Lean Patient Flow system in place, patients are able to check in faster, wait less time, and have a better overall experience. Providing a quick and easy survey at the end of your patient’s visit can help get you the feedback you need to improve overall patient satisfaction. This is important in ensuring that the patient will continue to remain loyal to your practice.

Check out this video perspective on Lean Patient Flow.