Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) usually reveal a facilities’ financial health, in addition to its strengths and weaknesses. Setting these KPIs in an urgent care center requires a different approach due to the unpredictability of volume and the significance of patient satisfaction due to potentially extended wait times.

In a recent article in The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine, two leading urgent care executives were interviewed to discuss the most common KPIs in urgent care. Both executives agree that the measurement of Wait Times, Door to Door Times (D2D) and Overall Patient Satisfaction are the most critical in an urgent care setting. Each leader states that the value of knowing these metrics in real time is essential to efficient flow of patients through urgent care. They also emphasize the necessity of staff involvement with the continual improvement process. The evaluation of how the staff is performing and tying bonuses to those metrics assists with motivating the staff to all be on the same page and working together to accomplish patient flow efficiency goals.

The more frequent measurement of these KPIs is essential to the superior operation of the urgent care. Find a partner that can capture these KPIs for you as well can consult on how to remove bottlenecks and wasted time from your patient flow.