Lean Patient FlowThe application of Lean Management principles can have a dramatic impact on patient flow efficiency. Recovering 30-60 wasted minutes per physician per day is not unusual. That translates to:

  • Seeing 2-3 more patients every day
  • 6-12% more time spent with each patient
  • Some combination of the two.

Jim DeVelvis, Vice President, Sales & Kevin Hensley, Vice President, Lean Healthcare Consultant at Expeditor talk us through how you can make it happen. From Waste Walks to Dashboards, Door-to-Door measurement and management is the key.

Visual cues are critical!

Lean Patient FlowMany clinics and facilities are simply not getting the ROI they could get because they haven't gone the extra mile. A physician who takes 20 extra steps to find which exam room to go to next is wasting precious time. A visual cue, like a flashing light, is at the core of that 30-60 minutes wasted time savings.