As we edge closer in healthcare to value-based reimbursement, the focus of improving the overall patient experience becomes more critical. In this article, they discuss how to improve the patient experience.

The IHI Triple Aim has set 3 goals to increase the standards of provider performance: improve the patient experience of care, improve population health, and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Patient engagement has been one of the most talked about aspects of healthcare and unquestionably a way to improve the care experience. What we need to ensure is that the patient is willing to participate in the decision making and the provider advocating this intervention. 

Even though healthcare providers are making efforts to improve patient engagement at their end, a survey revealed that only 34% of the patients are encouraged.

Data Analytics give clarity into the inefficiencies of the practice, so that they can be improved upon. In this age of technology, we must continue to tap into the potential for all it can do to improve patient satisfaction.

Improving patient satisfaction is inevitable to the future of healthcare. We will be graded and reimbursed on the patient’s perception and the quality of their health so we must be proactive and begin engaging the patient in ways that matter and will ultimately be beneficial to all.