Outpatient facilities are more convenient for patients to get to nowadays, and providers can offer less expensive care than they do at large, downtown hospitals. Along with that, today's outpatient facilities are offering much more than just stitches and antibiotics, patients are increasingly turning to outpatient centers for medical imaging, surgery, urgent care and cancer treatments.

Building outpatient facilities helps healthcare systems prepare for the future of virtual care, where patients will be expecting answers and treatment in a matter of minutes, not hours. An Advisory Board poll found that 62% of baby boomers, 67% of millennials and 73% of Gen Xers expressed interest in having access to virtual, same-day doctor's visits or telehealth visits. If those virtual sessions require a follow-up, patients will be looking for fast, convenient access to an outpatient facility.

If a person wakes up with a sore throat, they want the ability to quickly access a doctor via their personal devices for quick diagnoses...then, they want that doctor to direct them to a nearby urgent care center for treatment, not a hospital miles away.

If your institution is building an outpatient clinic or you are a smaller multiple provider practice, Expeditor can help you implement visual cue technology to help streamline communications and increase patient flow efficiency in your outpatient clinic and also implement an easy to use telehealth technology to conduct your patient visits virtually. Click on Contact Us and complete a simple form to speak with one of our Patient Flow Consultants today.