Most healthcare organizations understand that they need to be able to measure patient flow efficiency and that they must collect data to do so, however they are confused and challenged as to what data and how much they should be collecting. The answers to those questions might vary from practice to practice but if you establish your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or key metrics, and you find a partner that can capture, provision and analyze the data for you, you are headed in the right direction.

To get good analytics you must first have good data. Make sure the way it is being collected is efficient and accurate, continue to monitor what data is being collected and what data is being archived for later use, and make sure to focus on the quality, quantity, and validity of the data captured. In many cases capturing, provisioning and analyzing accurate data comes down to finding the right partner with a solid business intelligence tool (BI).

This article reveals a survey where many professionals want to be proactive with data collecting but they just aren’t sure how.