The idea of managing patient flow and LEAN business management is no longer an abstract concept. More and more companies are accepting this as the law of the land. In fact, most new clinics and healthcare facilities are designing entire facilities around the idea.

This article identifies the many types of LEAN management styles that go into constructing a modern healthcare facility.

The thought is that by starting with patient flow in mind and designing a building to better support it, you will have a much firmer grasp on it than if you tried to rework your flow after the structure was built.

With such a revolutionary concept, it is a wonder that more practices aren’t rushing to improve their patient flow. Cutting out unnecessary or excessive steps can greatly reduce extra expenses, time, and energy. Not to mention, improve your bottom line. However, if your building is already up and running, you still have options on how to map out, pinpoint, and reduce bottlenecks in your flow, without having to start from scratch.

Operating under the Six Sigma idea of LEAN business management, Expeditor Systems can easily help you expose your bottlenecks and reduce unnecessary steps in your process.

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