In a Health Data Management article, long waiting room and exam room wait times are discussed with regards to the impact they have on overall patient satisfaction. Most patients wait well beyond their scheduled visit time to see a provider. These extended wait times are resulting in patients changing providers, giving low patient satisfaction scores, lower ratings on online review sites and decreased referrals to your practice.

How can you combat these challenges in your clinic today...with new technology being integrated into your practice that captures patient flow data at each step of the patient flow process. Understanding the bottlenecks with exact time-stamped data throughout the patient's visit is crucial to uncovering the cause of extended wait times. This involves not only knowing the wait times in the waiting room, but also the wait time in the exam room, provider/patient encounter times, ancillary/patient encounter times and overall visit time.

Expeditor's customized Real Time Visual Cue solution can positively impact your patient's satisfaction and experience with exact patient flow data that is captured and analyzed for you.

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