Compiling quality patient flow data and presenting it in a spreadsheet format at the end of the year used to be called innovative. Why should you wait until the end of year to collect and analyze important patient flow data for your practice? Why not review it monthly, weekly, or even daily so that you can make actionable change to improve patient flow efficiency throughout the year? This might sound impossible or expensive but this dream is a now more of a reality than ever before.

More frequent tracking of quality Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as patient wait time in the waiting room, patient wait time in the exam room, and Dr/patient encounter time will lead to process improvements, resulting in improved patient service and satisfaction.

This article begins to show you how to effect change by collecting quality data. The article also suggests and recommends tracking data by provider and location. If you track by provider you might also identify high performers whose practice workflows can serve as a model for others.