Time is the biggest asset for any business or organization. The medical industry has had its share of inefficiencies including issues with staff time. To save staff time, practices are using a new process that improves the entire system…

The old saying ‘time equals money’ has been proven to be a true statement, but it encompasses much more than just those two factors. This equation must also include human elements.

For example, micromanaging carries a negative connotation when one discusses approaches to managing. However, since time equals money why is that not acceptable? If you ensure that employees avoid careless chatter about their families or weekend plans through micromanaging, you completely take out the human element.

This example displays the human elements of relationships, joy, and emotions. If the provider you work for does not build some type of personal working relationship with you and rather acts more like a tyrant, your workplace enjoyment plummets. When your enjoyment plummets your productivity is not far behind.

How Humans Value Time

University of Toronto researchers Julian House and Stanford DeVoe conducted a study to prove that the human element adds more than once thought. Three separate experiments were performed using three different subgroups of participants. Each sub group was given a survey to think about their time in terms of money. The results were exactly as one might think.

“People who put a price on their time are more likely to feel impatient when they’re not using it to earn money. This hurts their ability to derive happiness during leisure activities. Treating time as money can actually undermine your well-being,” states DeVoe.

“The experiments’ results demonstrate that thinking about time in terms of money changes the way you actually experience time.” DeVoe continues. “Two people may experience the same thing, over the same amount of time, yet react to it very differently.”
If you believe this is poppycock, you are not alone.

The human element cannot be avoided nor overlooked. The argument should be, “how great of a factor does the human element play?”

The Importance of the Human Element

Bringing back the human element is something Expeditor takes great pride in. Saving time, thus money, by automating patient flow and ending repeated steps improves the overall satisfaction of employees.

Expeditor System provides physician offices with an invaluable service, which allows clients to save money and minimizes headaches for physicians and their staff.

Expeditor’s light signaling patient flow system increases efficiency and productivity, which results in maximum revenue and satisfied patients.

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