How Data Analysis Can Help Drs Improve Patient Flow & Satisfaction

Apr 13, 2022

Unless patients have a personal Dr on-call, odds are that they spend too much time in a waiting room. According to a recent survey; · 85% of patients now say they have to wait as long as 30 minutes past their appointment time to see their Dr · 63% call this the most stressful aspect...

How Can Patient Flow Data Improve Patient Satisfaction & Experience in your Outpatient clinic?

Mar 28, 2022

In a Health Data Management article, long waiting room and exam room wait times are discussed with regards to the impact they have on overall patient satisfaction. Most patients wait well beyond their scheduled visit time to see a provider. These extended wait times are resulting in patients changing providers,...

EHR tasks take up half of the primary care physician’s workday

Mar 07, 2022

In this article, researchers analyzed EHR usage for 142 family medicine physicians, and all data was captured via EHR event logs during clinic hours (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) and non-clinic hours. The primary care physicians spends 5.9 hours out of their 11.4-hour workday in the EHR....

Every Second Counts in Lean Patient Flow

Feb 23, 2022

We've all heard the old saying "Every Second Counts", well in an outpatient clinic's patient flow efficiency, seconds can be the difference between a satisfied patient or a dissatisfied one. Many Lean leaders will agree that you must start small and take baby steps to achieve real progress towards your...

Use LEAN Process Improvement Tools to Decrease Patient Wait Time in an Outpatient Oncology Infusion Unit

Feb 21, 2022

This study aimed to streamline workflow from arrival to infusion bay by decreasing patient wait time to increase patient value in a high-volume academic outpatient oncology infusion unit. The streamlining process involved identifying and prioritizing patients for treatment by driving out waste in patient...

Lean Practice Transformation to Improve the Patient Experience

Feb 14, 2022

Practice Transformation is on the minds of everyone in healthcare these days. As this article states, clinical quality and patient experience are two of the factors needed to complete the transformation of any healthcare organization. According to a recent report from Press Ganey, healthcare is in great...

Outpatient Facilities Embrace Lean Design

Feb 08, 2022

As ambulatory care has flourished, the U.S. health care market has focused increasingly on efficiency and the patient experience. Health systems are building ambulatory care facilities throughout their communities, rather than just the main hospital campus — patient convenience and a health care...

Improving workflow and the patient Experience

Nov 09, 2021

The autonomy a patient feels when self-navigating and the ability to solely focus on their care, combined with the scheduling benefits from on-time appointments, proves digital wayfinding is a powerful tool - one that innovative healthcare facilities must consider. Sprawling hospital campuses can be...

Keeping Me Waiting

Oct 04, 2021

With such a wide range of Provider options, patients have more say than ever in who they choose for their healthcare. From retail clinics to urgent care, the competition is ramping up. This is why most clinics are now becoming more patient-centered. A patient...

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