Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Jun 27, 2018

Healthcare is in great need of transformation in many areas, most significantly in the area of IT. Technology has been implemented in the form of EHRs but institutions are continually feeling the negative impacts of EHR upgrades. The improvements are seen in medical records and billing, but EHRs have not improved...

Quality Data Is Necessary to Improve Patient Flow Efficiency

Jun 11, 2018

According to provider Ed Corbett, MD in a recent article, the patient experience can be greatly improved by quality patient flow data. “It’s the data that empowers physicians and care teams to engage their patients,” (Corbett, May 24, 2018). As we become more dependent on managing patient...

How to Improve Waiting Room Wait Times

May 29, 2018

Reducing wait times for patients is the ultimate goal of any practice administrator. Long wait times negatively impact patient satisfaction scores. Although, according to an MGMA survey discussed in a recent article, wait times improved by 5 minutes in 2016.  By limiting the time a patient waits to be seen...

How Does Data Drive Success

Apr 10, 2018

Big Data is all the rage in healthcare these days, as well as in many other industries. The question that continues to arise is what to do with that data and how to best leverage it. Capturing the real value from the analysis of the data is a struggle for some industries. Business schools are now seeing the need...

IT Spending on Data and Analytics in 2018

Feb 28, 2018

In a recent article, the latest survey findings about healthcare technology spending in 2018 are discussed. Not surprising at all, value-based care is the biggest driver of future spending for healthcare technology. The top answer in the survey for the area with the biggest increase in spending for 2018 is in...

Improving Patient Satisfaction

Feb 13, 2018

“Improving efficiency will lead to cost savings that enable DMC to continue to invest in its future; and by increasing accountability and improving operations, we will drive improvements in care delivery and patient satisfaction.” Reorganization in healthcare is nothing new. However as healthcare...

Great “Customer Service” in Healthcare

Jan 24, 2018

Every industry faces the challenge of providing exceptional customer service. This is especially challenging in healthcare. In every business, the customer comes first, but in healthcare, it must be balanced with what we know is best for the patient, with the acknowledgement the patient is not necessarily wanting...

Continuous Improvement: Healthcare’s Latest Journey

Nov 15, 2017

Healthcare is experiencing rapid change from regulatory requirements to technology advancements. How can you ensure that your organization is on the path to success Continuous Improvement is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot and many claim to have CI initiatives in seemingly every...

Perfecting Patient Flow

Jan 01, 1970

It’s no secret that healthcare’s latest trend is embracing Lean and eliminating waste throughout all facilities. This trend is especially prevalent in the design of ambulatory care facilities.  In an effort to increase revenues and improve patient satisfaction scores, process improvement...

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