In a post-pandemic world, established traditions and standards to guide the patient experience are changing. The welcome experience has been turned upside down in an effort to triage patients more quickly, curb the spread of germs and accommodate safe distancing guidelines.

Designers need to rethink building patient flow by planning for dramatically different traffic patterns. Instead of large, open-concept waiting rooms, we will see more emphasis on spaces that create separation between patients with a focus on the facilities' processes to guide the design. Designers can utilize half-height divider walls and products, such as resin panels, to add division without sacrificing the feeling of openness.

Exam rooms will start to carry more weight as multipurpose spaces, where patients check in and out in the same place they are treated. To prepare for this expanded use of space, designers should think about ways to add patient-focused technology (e.g., touchscreens for automatic checkout and billing) for these new engagements inside the exam room.

Successful designs in this new environment will cater more to the patient experience, but also go above and beyond like never before, learn more on how by reading this article.

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