Mary Lou Parisi

Virginia Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center

Parisi 150x150

Patient Satisfaction, Innovation and Technological Developments. These are just three of the many top-of-mind issues for Mary Lou Parisi, CEO of Clemson Eye.

Listen in on this wide-ranging discussion on topics including:

  • Core challenges for today’s eye clinic
  • The importance of a physician’s cultural fit regarding patient satisfaction
  • The Patient Experience and what it means
  • The latest innovations and which to adopt (Like Topography-Guided Lasik – Wow!)
  • The importance of community service

Some fascinating insights. Don’t miss this episode!


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Dr. Brian Johnson 

Virginia Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center

DrBrian johnson

Dr. Brian Johnson is a seasoned dermatologic and Mohs surgeon. He heads the Virginia Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, a cutting edge dermatology practice specializing in the treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails.

In this episode, Dr. Johnson addresses a wide range of topics including:

  • The basics of Mohs surgery
  • The concept and value of “3 surgeons in 1”
  • Frozen Section Histology and its importance to the patient
  • Prevention of dermatological disease
  • Why Mohs is so cost effective (…including a 99% cure rate!)

Lots of practical tips and insights!


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Al Davis of Floyd Medical Center

drjayrossheadshotThe folks at Floyd Medical Center in Rome, GA have embraced Lean Six Sigma in a big way and have reaped major benefit from it. In this discussion, Al Davis, Administrator of Floyd Primary Care, gives his perspective as one of the leaders of Floyd’s continuous improvement charge.

A few of the topics we addressed:

  • It’s all about the data (vs. just feelings and observations)
  • EMRs, while essential, can slow some things down
  • Finding and eliminating “white space” (…it starts with data collection!)
  • Tools for implementing Lean Six Sigma!
  • The importance of the patient’s perception (…which has a surprisingly large impact on patient satisfaction)

Al also talked through specific success stories and gives us his version of what’s in store for healthcare. Great stuff!


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Dr. Jay Ross

Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Center

drjayrossheadshotThe staff at the Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Center is dedicated to helping and serving every patient through the entire surgical and post-operative process. They have a well-earned, outstanding reputation of excellence in the Tampa Bay area for a full range of both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.

Palm Harbor has focused on Lean Patient Flow enabled by Expeditor Systems since 1997. In Dr. Ross’ words:

“What has really been most helpful to the practice is the light system that we got from Expeditor. It’s really been flawless and my staff loves it.”



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jim head shot

Jim DeVelvis

kevin headshot

Kevin Hensley


The application of Lean Management principles can have a dramatic impact on patient flow efficiency. Recovering 30-60 wasted minutes per physician per day is not unusual. That translates to:

  • Seeing 2-3 more patients every day
  • 6-12% more time spent with each patient
  • Some combination of the two.

Jim DeVelvis, Sales Manager & Kevin Hensley, Director of Product Development and Analytics at Expeditor talk us through how you can make it happen. From Waste Walks to Dashboards, Door-to-Door measurement and management is the key.

Visual cues are critical!

Many clinics and facilities are simply not getting the ROI they could get because they haven’t gone the extra mile. A physician who takes 20 extra steps to find which exam room to go to next is wasting precious time. A visual cue, like a flashing light, is at the core of that 30-60 minutes wasted time savings.


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